Nostoca Algae Laboratory

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Nostoca Algae Laboratory serves clients by providing high-quality analytical laboratory services for algae identifications and enumerations for routine monitoring and harmful algae bloom projects.

Founded in 2008, Nostoca Algae Laboratory (NAL) is a privately owned phytoplankton laboratory based in Bainbridge Island, Washington. Karl Bruun, NAL owner and principal analyst, has 23 years experience working as an Environmental Scientist in microbiology including 14 years performing algal identifications. NAL serves our customers by specializing in qualitative and quantitative phytoplankton and periphyton analysis (enumerations, identifications and biovolume) for freshwater lakes, streams, ponds, rivers and marine waters. NAL is also internationally recognized for producing exceptional, high-quality digital photomicroscopy images using light microscopy.

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